Articles written by: Caroline Biscotti

Quidel Corporation (QDEL) BTM Stands at 0.150925

Quidel Corporation (QDEL) currently has a book to market ratio of 0.150925. A ratio used to find the value of a company by comparing the book value of a firm to its market value. Book value is calculated by looking at the firm’s historical cost, or accounting value. BTM is a comparison of a company’s net asset value per share to its share […]

A Deep Dive into The Numbers For JELD-WEN Holding, Inc. (NYSE:JELD) as ROIC Quality Hits

The Return on Invested Capital (aka ROIC) Score for JELD-WEN Holding, Inc. (NYSE:JELD) is .  The Return on Invested Capital is a ratio that determines whether a company is profitable or not.  It tells investors how well a company is turning their capital into profits.  The ROIC is calculated by dividing the net operating profit (or EBIT) by the employed […]

Is the 0.081018 Book to Market Valuation Worth a Look for Sophos Group plc (SOPH.L)

The Book-to-Market effect is probably one of the oldest effects which has been investigated in financial markets. It compares book value of company to price of the stock – inverse of P/B ratio. The bigger the book-to-market ratio is, the more fundamentally cheap is the investigated company. Sophos Group plc (SOPH.L) has a BTM ratio of 0.081018. New investors may be […]

Usha Martin Limited (USHAMART.NS) Shares Drip -4.17% To The Downside

Usha Martin Limited (USHAMART.NS) has ended the week in the red, yielding negative results for the shares at they ticked -4.17%. In taking a look at recent performance, we can see that shares have moved -12.10% over the past 4-weeks, 5.90% over the past half year and 27.27% over the past full year. Investors often have to make the decision of how […]

Great Canadian Gaming Corp (GC.TO): What is the SMI Depicting for the Shares?

Great Canadian Gaming Corp (GC.TO)’s Stochastic Momentum Index is cruising higher and has passed the key level of +40, indicating possible oversold territory.  The SMI indicator was developed by William Blau ad presented in Technical Analysis of Stocks & Commodities magazine in 1993, ten years after the original stochastic was invented.  The oscillator fluctuates between -100 and 100, and as such the indicator […]

Future Enterprises Limited (FEL.NS) Drops -1.60% Over Last 5 Trading Days

Future Enterprises Limited (FEL.NS) shares are showing negative signals short-term as the stock has finished lower by -1.60% for the week. In taking a look at recent performance, we can see that shares have moved -7.76% over the past 4-weeks, -9.84% over the past half year and -21.16% over the past full year. Some stock market investors may abide to the saying, […]

Trading Indicator Watch on Shares of Crew Energy Inc (CR.TO)

Monitoring the technical signals for Crew Energy Inc (CR.TO), we have recently viewed the Percentage Price Oscillator Histogram line above zero. Traders may be using a PPOH reading above zero as a buy indicator. Investors will be closely tracking stock market movements over the next few months. As we break into the second part of the year, many will be […]