Card Games for Teambuilding Exercises

A happy workforce is one where all of your employees are on the same wavelength, respect each other and are willing to work hard as a team to meet the targets and goals that you have set as a company. There are many different ways to create a harmonious workplace. It is not important that all of your staff like each other and would hang out as friends outside of work, but it is important that they all understand each others’ roles and responsibilities and have a clear strategy in place to perform the set tasks and meet targets. Professional training courses are one way to ensure that your employees understand what is expected of them, but you can also implement team building exercises into this professional training, to help improve morale at the same time as learning specific skills that will boost performance and standards.

One way that many professional trainers try to boost team morale is to utilise card games within training. This is a great way to motivate attendees whilst teaching them valuable information. The gamification of training has been very popular in recent years, but why not take it back to an incredibly simple form of using cards to motivate, inform and engage?

Card games are an easy way to motivate people when it comes to the training process. They are fun to play and can become incredibly engaging as you teach new tricks. It is one of the best ways for new information to stick in the mind of the person learning, if it is done correctly.

Think about the traditional group training course. There is a single speaker, a sterile environment, hushed tones and probably a power point presentation full of slides that contain facts, figures and numbers that you really struggle to take in and remember. Instead, cards used within an instructional game can quickly improve interpersonal skills of all attendees, make people think outside of the box and to become active in learning. There are many different ways this can be achieved, depending on the industry, topic, and type of card game, but it is always worth a try when compared with a straightforward lecture on a topic.

One type of card game that is effective in teambuilding exercises is where fluency cards are used. This is where there are four types of cards, each suit associated with a different type of behaviour. Whenever a card is picked, that person has to draw a picture for others to guess what the concept or word is. It is meant to provoke practical and creative thinking in one place and to engage discussion between the group. Another way to use cards in training and teambuilding is to use practical advice cards, where each person gets a set number of cards that have advice written on the back of them. For each scenario, a player must produce one card that is the most practical and useful piece of advice.

There are a few different tricks to teambuilding, and it doesn’t have to stop with the professional training course providers. You should also provide a workplace that has clear channels of communication and responsibilities, a career path that is open to all, and access to professional training, that prioritises the improvement of each individual to demonstrate that you care, rather than a catch-all approach that only boosts the short-term financial aspect of the business. Using card games is just one way to create a fun and impactful teambuilding exercise, but when used in conjunction with other aspects of training and personal development it can go a very long way indeed.

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