Here’s What You Can Expect With A Degree In Communications!

If you think you have the skills to influence and entertain people, a degree in communications might be just what you need after high school. Despite all that being written about economic slump and reduction in jobs, the media & broadcasting industry has been expanding like never before, and professionals and fresh graduates with a degree in communications are likely to find a bunch of different jobs. From roles in PR firms to sports agency internships – the possibilities are endless. In this post, we are discussing all you need to know about finding jobs with a communications degree.

Diverse internships

If you are interested in broadcasting industry, you can apply as an intern at one of the better studios. Internships are great for professionals who want to gain experience before actually stepping into the real job market. For those who are interested in writing can go for content creator roles and copywriting internships, which come in handy even for students who want to eventually venture into film and video production and writing. Communications students can also consider content marketing as a branch, where there are endless ways of exploring the media and broadcasting industry. From working on video contents to managing online marketing campaigns, students can find roles that suit their skill set and interests. Sports broadcasting, as we had briefly mentioned earlier, is also about great opportunities.

PR specialists

Companies, brands and businesses are constantly worried about their image and how people perceive their brand, and therefore, the role of public relations experts is more important than ever before. PR specialists need to have a major in Communications, and they should be able to handle anything and everything that concerns public relations. From organizing special events and conferences to creating online content marketing plans, PR experts are critical for the media industry and do considerable damage control.

Social media manager

If you have a degree in Communications and don’t want to go in front of the camera, this is a role that may interest you. Social media managers don’t always have to be on the forefront, but they ensure that the brand or client has a positive image online. A major in Communications is expected from such experts, because they need to understand media, broadcasting and the basics of online marketing.

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