How to Select a Transformer Between Dry and Oil Cooled?

As we all know transformers are a useful device that helps you convert a higher voltage source to lower voltage as per the need of the circuit. This will help you to handle low voltage in safe and efficient way in any indoor or outdoor location.

By using suitable transformers, you can run any equipment or machinery in safe and efficient manner.

These transformers can also generate plenty of heat and hence it needs to be dissipated in order to run them safely.

In the industries usually two kinds of transformers are used:

  • Dry-type transformers
  • Oil-cooled transformers.

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Usually, dry-type transformer will use air for cooling the medium, while liquid cooled will use oil. End results for both these transformers may be the same but there are few differences too that are worth noting.

Following are few criteria based on which you can compare these two kinds of transformers:

  • Maintenance

Usually, oil cooled transformers need extensive maintenance procedure that must be performed regularly and oil needs to be regularly tested. Dry type transformers on the other hand needs less maintenance are highly resistant to chemicals.

  • Operating costs

Usually oil cooled transformers have significantly lower operating loss as compared to dry transformer and due to that reason oil filled transformers will have much higher energy efficiency, as a result, oil cooled transformers will have higher lifespan

  • Noise level

Any oil cooled transformer will produce much lower amount of noise as compared to any dry type of transformer.

  • Recyclability

Dry type of transformers has very limited recycling as compared to any oil units which can boast of easier reclamation of core or coil. Also, oil cooled transformers have much superior operating life as well as maintainability.

They will produce less amount of waste and needs less labor and replacement.

  • Efficiency

Usually dry type of transformers is bigger in size and likely to get more heated up as it has more loss as compared to oil type transformers.

  • Voltage capabilities

Most of the dry transformers are meant for handling small to medium range of voltages where as oil cooled transformers will handle higher voltage.

  • Location.

Dry type transformers can be installed in buildings as they are environmentally safe. There is less risks of fire while oil cooled transformers usually are installed in outdoors because of oil leakage or spills that can pose fire risk.

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