How to Shine at Trade Shows & Exhibitions

If you run a business that has a presence at trade shows or exhibitions, these are great opportunities to shine and get your message out to the right people. Of course, if a person is attending a show, then they must have a vested interest of some sort, and we are going to give you some great tips on how to make the most out of exhibitions and trade fairs.

  • Vinyl Prints – You can create nice banners to put above your stand, while also printing a large vinyl wall sticker that can be used as a backdrop for the stand. There are many surfaces that could be used, walls, partitions or even the base of an exhibit can benefit from vinyl stickers. Talk to your local vinyl shop (called ร้านทําป้ายไวนิล in Thai) for details regarding what can be done with laser printed vinyl, and you might be more than a little surprised at what is possible.
  • Train your Staff – The people you task with manning the exhibition are crucial, and if you offer your staff training, they will learn techniques to encourage people to stop by and gain a deeper understanding of what you actually do. If you have a sales manager, you could assign this to him or her, and when your presentation staff are more confident, this should result in more visitors to your booth.
  • Presentation Packs – It is important to understand that while a person might not be in need of your services right now, if you present your company in a professional manner, then they will keep your info pack and should there come a day when they are looking for such services, they are likely to make contact. The pack should include brochures introducing your company and your products, along with a business card of one of your team, which enables the potential customer to make contact.
  • Location – The exact location of your exhibition stand is, of course, important, and the best place to be is in a central location, near the main entrance, which would probably be the most expensive. The more people walk past your stand, the more opportunities you will have and paying that little bit extra might just produce dividends.

It is always a good idea to spend time at the design stage and to approach stand design with a very open mind. When you do find a winning combination, this can be used time and time again and by making the best use of available technology, you can create a unique space that best represents what your company is all about.

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