Inspection and Maintenance Tips for Forestry Equipment

In this write up, we have provided necessary tips for doing inspection and maintenance of various handheld power equipment. This is necessary in order to provide necessary safety to the maintenance personnel and also people working nearby.

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Following are the tips for inspection and maintenance of all such equipment.

  • Work in open area

If you want to carry out any inspection or maintenance of these forestry equipment on the field, then it is very important that you must be working in a wide-open area and must have sufficient space all around.

This will be necessary to avoid any kind of potential hazards that is possible. Also, before you start working, you must ensure that you are at safe distance from any other kind of activity in that area.

Also, it is necessary that the machinery must be parked on a level ground.

  • Check fluid levels

Prior to checking the level of fluid or refuelling any handheld power equipment, you must ensure that your engine is in completely halt position. After the engine has completely stopped, then try to open the cover of the engine cover.

You must check that they are firmly attached before accessing or checking fluid levels of machines. If you find any of their levels low, then switch them off in order to get optimum performance.

  • Change chains, disc blades, and bars

If you are changing the chains, disc blades or bars on this handheld power equipment, then it is important that you ensure that your machine is rigidly supported, locked out and turned off.

The machine head must be grounded before any maintenance work is done. Make sure that the disc blades, bars and chains are physically isolated from all other machinery parts to avoid any potential hazards during the maintenance.

Make sure that the person doing maintenance work is wearing leather gloves.

  • Repairing and maintaining machinery

Before doing any maintenance, all stored pressure present in hydraulic line should be neutralized to hydraulic system so that entire stored pressure is properly released.

You must

  • Turn off the engine
  • Move all the control levers from their position.
  • Open slowly the bleed valve

The last step as mentioned above must be repeated many times to make absolutely sure that all stored pressure has been neutralized from hydraulic tank.

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