Kadmon Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KDMN) Close at $2.49 Yielding an MA Sell Rating

Kadmon Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KDMN) has returned -4.942966 after closing at $—  in the recent session.  The stock is looking to return closer to the 52-week high of $5.86.

Successful traders are typically skilled at building highly disciplined trading systems. These systems that they create may range from very simple to highly complex. Traders may need to fine tune the system to suit their specific needs and goals. Finding a little edge can lead to big rewards when dealing with the stock market. It is important to remember that a trading system that works for one person may not work for another. Novice traders may realize how hard it is to actually bring home healthy returns. Acquiring the necessary knowledge may take a long time, but putting in the effort and doing all the homework may help give the trader an advantage over the long run. Many successful stock market traders will be the first ones to admit that finding success is not going to happen overnight. Staying disciplined and being able to learn from mistakes can also go a long way when dealing with the ever-changing equity market landscape.

Taking a look at some key pivot levels we note that the one month Pivot Woodie support stands at 2.27 while 1-month resistance level is at 2.71.  On the other hand shares would see support at the 1-month pivot woodie of 2.27 and resistance at 2.71.  One of the key differences in calculating Woodie’s Pivot Point to other pivot points is that the current session’s open price is used in the PP formula with the previous session’s high and low.

Kadmon Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KDMN) ran -0.5988024 after opening at $2.5.  181106 shares traded hands for the 280564400 market cap company.  Kadmon Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KDMN) is a “Sell” according to the social consensus. 

Diving into some additional pivot points we note that the Fibonacci S1 stands at 2.3985868 while the R1 resistance number is 2.7347467.  The S1 Camarilla pivot is 2.3996665 while the R1 resistance is 2.4803333.  The Demark Pivot is as follows: R1 resistance is 2.645 while S1 support is 2.205.

Kadmon Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KDMN) shares hit a high of 2.85 within the past month while touching a low point of 2.36 over the past 30 days. 

Turning to simple moving averages, Kadmon Holdings, Inc., the below chart outlines the current numbers:

10-Day Simple Moving Average: 2.5425 
20-Day Simple Moving Average: 2.5795 
30-Day Simple Moving Average: 2.5636666 
50-Day Simple Moving Average: 2.5727 
100-Day Simple Moving Average: 2.707525 
200-Day Simple Moving Average: 3.114682

Consensus Rating: Strong Sell

Turning to Bollinger Bands, the upper 20 band holds at 2.7626092 while the lower is currently 2.3963907.  The average volume over the past 3 months is 744332.2 compared to the 10-day average of 546317.4.

Other moving averages that have been taken into consideration in order to try to figure out the potential direction of the shares include the Hull Moving Average.  The Hull MA currently reads 2.4849074.  The Positive Directional Indicator is at 23.907976.  The volume weighted moving average stands at 2.5575216.  Putting all the pieces together the moving average signal for Kadmon Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KDMN) is a consensus “Strong Sell” signal.

Changing lanes over to oscillators, we see that the Aroon Up oscillator is currently 7.142857 while the Aroon Down shows 14.285714.  These are useful in determining if a reversal might be in the near future.  Given the Ultimate Oscillator number of 31.172071 and Parabolic SAR number of 2.7565858, combined with other variables, Kadmon Holdings, Inc. (NYSE:KDMN) has been given a consensus oscillator rating of “Sell”. 

Many individuals may have a tough time trying to figure out what actually drives financial markets. There are plenty of investing strategies and trading systems that individuals can use when trying to navigate the stock market. Sudden stock market moves can be mysterious, especially if the move goes against what professionals are expecting. When traders are just starting out, major market shifts can have the ability to wreak havoc if they are unprepared. Nobody wants to be on the losing end of a trade, but the reality is that it can happen at any time. Being prepared for the unknown isn’t easy, but it may be a good way to help ease the burden when markets get choppy.

Investors will be closely watching to see if the firm can move towards the $11.73 time high as the Bull Bear Power number stands at -0.055527594.