Online gambling: it’s not just about luck anymore!

It is true, though. Online gambling is not just about luck anymore. There are now many different ways to win in a casino, including the new online poker sites that have popped up with great success over the past year or two.

Many people thought it would be too easy, and they would lose all their 꽁머니 within minutes of leaving YouTube on autopay, but there’s been no sign of this happening so far!

One thing casino always had against them before was hard for gamblers to access from home – then along came bitcoin, which allowed players to gamble anonymously at any time. Now you can enjoy your favourite games like roulette, blackjack, etc., as well as Texas, Hold’em Poker anytime and anywhere without ever having to spend hours waiting for your time to come upon a slot machine.

The gambling industry has changed so much over the years that it’s becoming hard to keep track of everything, but there is one development, in particular, it’s called 꽁머니 spotting. This new form of 꽁머니laundering was first uncovered by an investigative journalist who went undercover with more than $500,000 worth of dirty cash through a casino in Holland just last year, which led her back to Canada. She found out how this was being done. What happened?

The casino in Holland, she said, was a “dead end” for her to find out more about this new form of 꽁머니laundering.

In this way, the dirty 꽁머니is never transferred through banks or in public, but instead, it’s laundered by a network of people (usually from China) who are employed to move cash around.

The success rate for finding 꽁머니 spotters has been low. There have only been four arrests made so far, and many experts doubt that this will ever become an efficient form of laundering due to how easily 꽁머니can be tracked online these days.

In contrast, Canada’s Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre (FinTRAC) found over $93 million worth of suspicious transactions perpetrated by organized crime groups within one year alone in 2016-2017. These numbers show how much more important it is than ever before to keep track of every person of their 꽁머니if they want to be safe.

An estimated one-third of the 꽁머니spent on online gambling is laundered, often by Chinese nationals paid a commission to shift funds between different accounts and currencies.

Online gamblers use their computers or mobile devices–and sometimes even credit cards–to gamble with virtual currency instead of cash at casinos in Macau and other popular destinations for high rollers like Las Vegas. Once there, it’s difficult for authorities to trace whether some people have been using drug 꽁머니or criminal proceeds to buy chips with no questions asked because this isn’t considered illegal where they reside.

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