Small Business 101: Save More On Product Packaging With These Ideas!

Curbing expenses & costs is a constant goal for any business. When it comes to packaging, brands are constantly trying to improve their game, but escalating budgets are always matter of concern. A good product box is the one that has been designed with all the product attributes in consideration. In other hands, it has to be a customized process for every product. Keeping in mind that consumers have many choices, how can you actually save on packaging costs? In this post, we share a few tips, suggestions and solutions that may come handy for smaller brands and startups.

Select a reliable box manufacturer

Believe it or not, this one aspect can change the way you spend on packaging. An experienced box manufacturer doesn’t just provide custom boxes, but they do everything else to ensure that your packaging costs are curtailed. For instance, companies like Belley’s warehouse also offer storage facilities. You can choose to place a bulk order, pay for the necessary warehousing costs, and get the product boxes shipped when required. Many packaging and box manufacturers also have a team for structural design and conceptualization, so small companies don’t have to spend huge on in-house design and innovation.

Focus on minimalism

Creating an unboxing experience for your buyers should be a foremost packaging goal, but this doesn’t necessarily mean that you spend huge on all that extra layering and printing. In fact, minimalism is the trend that’s being adopted by small and large brands alike. If you really wish to explore packaging in the right way, focus on offering an experience that consumers will enjoy. The first tip in this context is to reduce printing costs by sharing information that the consumer actually wants to read. Secondly, avoid to much of extra layering. The product box should fit the product like a glove – if the box is too huge, the packaging will need more cushioning, and if the box is too small, physical damage is quite a possibility.

Taking the step ahead

The simplest way of reducing packaging costs is to outsource what you can. Think of your packaging partner as an extended arm of your business, and you will be able to rely on them for all design, innovation and production needs. Spend what’s essential for physical protection and keep the design elements true to the attributes of the product.

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