Tjura Chandelier: Inspired by the Stars

Tjura Chandelier is a modern interpretation of the traditional chandelier. It has been designed with inspiration from stars and constellations, and each piece is made using high-quality brass material that will not tarnish or corrode.

The Tjura Chandeliers are available in 3 different sizes: small, medium, and large – perfect for any space that needs a touch of elegance!

Reach for the Stars

The chandelier{Kronleuchter}is equipped with high-quality crystals and looks noble and expensive. It is a great style to highlight any living room and brings character into your home, adding an elegant touch to your interior decorating ideas.

The light that this item emits while hanging on your ceiling will impress all your friends and family members when they come over to visit you at home. It looks amazing with dimmed lights illuminating its beauty; however, what’s truly fantastic about this product is how great it appears even when lit up brightly.

If you like modern designs for lighting fixtures, then think no more because our products are made precisely for people who want something original and unique! We hope that you enjoy our innovative line of contemporary lamps; we know that you won’t ever regret buying any of them! You can also check out our other models and see what else is available for purchase by visiting us online.

Sublime lighting is created by the 18 candle-shaped lights made of crystal and cast a soft, gentle glow over the room. The Tjura chandelier is supplied with 60 watt maximum bulbs (included) to direct light downwards; you can also use energy-saving CFL or LED bulbs to reduce heat generation and save money on your electricity bills.

In Conclusion

The stars inspire the design of the Tjura chandelier in the night sky, which makes it a beautiful piece of home decor. In addition, the chandelier comes with an industry-standard IP44 rating for safe installation in any indoor setting.

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