Types of Custom Rigid Boxes: Everything You Need to Know

Custom rigid boxes come in a variety of shapes and styles. From the classic rectangular shape to the more unusual pyramid, there is a box for every need! In this article, we will look at few types of custom rigid boxes from all different categories. The rigid box manufacturers are experts at creating custom packaging solutions, so it’s essential to find the right one for your product.

  1. The classic custom rigid box

Description: An essential but versatile option that is perfect for most retail or shipping needs. The rectangular shape makes it easy to stack and store, while the sturdy construction ensures the safe transport of contents. Comes in a variety of sizes with many customization options available.

  1. Custom die-cut boxes

Description: Perfect for unique product packaging, these custom rigid boxes are shaped to accommodate your specific needs. The shape is customized by the manufacturer and can be any size or style imaginable! This box requires extra production time but ensures that you receive a particular solution just for you.

  1. Custom window boxes

Description: A great option for a retail display that will attract customers from all around. The top of the box can be customized to include any information you want, whether it’s your logo or product info! This is an excellent promotional tool as well as a shipping container.

  1. The custom gift box

Description: The perfect way to give a special present! These boxes are often made with expensive materials and can be personalized for each recipient. This is an excellent option for any product you want people to remember long after unwrapping it, from food packaging to jewelry.


Custom rigid boxes are an excellent option for your packaging needs. They can come in many different styles and sizes to accommodate almost any requirement while still providing the superb strength and durability that you need from a shipping container.

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