Utilising Customer Insights for Employee Training

If you are the owner of a business that has direct interaction with customers, you’ll understand the need to continuously train your employees in customer service standards. We all have standards that we wish to meet and maintain and making sure that your customers feel loved and looked after should be a priority in any line of work. If you are looking for professional training courses to help improve the skills your employees have, you should also be looking to utilise the insights of your customers to help improve that training process. By understanding what your customers think about your business, brand and how your staff interact with customers, you can ensure that you continue to improve standards and rates of customer satisfaction.

Customer insights, when used correctly, can provide a core part of any strategic movements regarding the training of your staff members. There are many ways in which you can garner the honest opinions of your customers (customer surveys, social media, call recordings, mystery shopping data etc.) and once you have that information it can feed back into the training plans that are put together to help your staff become better at their jobs and in turn improve customer satisfaction levels.

By using customer insights in your training, you can pinpoint trends that are occurring across the board with many different customers, and not just focus on isolated interactions. This helps you picture the full journey that your customers take, from first viewing your products and services on social media, through to interacting with your staff, purchasing from you and the follow up care that you may or may not offer your customers.

This approach also allows you to see how your brand is truthfully perceived by your customers and potential customers, rather than just assuming. Many training courses are provided using assumptions rather than real figures and data, meaning that you are potentially training the wrong people within your business or the providing the wrong type of professional training.

By taking an approach where you develop your entire training programme based on the insights of your customers, your business is demonstrating that it has genuine empathy and understanding of those customers and that you do more than just crunch the numbers and look for the next quick fix. Training should always be about real, positive change that is proactive and has your employee happiness and customer satisfaction in mind, not just a quick fix to make money in the short-term.

There are many ways in which you can utilise customer insights to help improve your employee training. The idea of professional training courses is to provide your staff with the skills, temperament and knowledge to perform to a consistent high standard. If your employees are in direct contact with your customers, either as the point of sale or as a customer service of complaints team, it is vital that they remain committed to these high standards at all times, as one slip up can cause damage to your brand reputation and lower your customer satisfaction levels. Look for a professional training provider that you can count on to improve the skillset of your staff and keep your standards as high as possible at all times. This will lead to happier customers and greater profits for your organisation.

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