What to know about European American and French roulette

When playing roulettes casino online, you will come across various types even though the wheel that you approach might seem the same. You need to know that there are some slight variations which you need to look for especially if you are looking out to improve your winning chances.

The following is what to know about American, European, and French roulette:

European roulette

It is a game which was the original built of roulette. On a wheel of the European roulette, you will get numbers between 1 and 36 which are represented and along the numbers; you will get a zero which is referred to as the 37th number which gives the house the house edge. To pick individual numbers pays 35:1 for each chip bet, and you will be able to go into various bets that you can make a little further as you go down.

American Roulette

Whenever the sportsgets introduced in American casino, it was the version of the game that was in Europe. But when it grew into popularity, the Americans added a wrinkle on the board. Instead of the 37th number being on the wheel, they offer the 38th number which is a double zero. It means that, for the American roulette, the wheel will have a house edge which is doubled which ends up being terrible for players.

French roulette

In this version of roulette, although being invented in France, it is not found in several places and there is none in North America. The table of the French roulette is the same as the one for Europe having only 37 numbers. But there are different bet types which you will get for the French roulette which are not played on the other game’s versions. It is unlikely that you will come across this type of roulette game.

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