WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (NASDAQ:WHF) MA Rating Sending Buy Signal

Investors will be closely watching to see if the firm can move towards the $16.03999 time high as the Bull Bear Power number stands at 0.043373406.  

Investors are always looking to gain any possible advantage in the stock market. Knowing the various risk and return possibilities for various types of stocks can be critical to positive performance. Creating a balanced equity portfolio may be the essential first step when thinking about diving into the equity markets. Investors may come from all different types of backgrounds, and they may face completely different situations. Each investor may need to identify their objectives and try to figure out what’s best for their specific situation. Investors may want to take a conservative approach to the markets. Others will be looking to go in full throttle with a very aggressive plan. Whatever the choice, it is important to note that picking stocks based on previous returns will never guarantee future returns. Investors have many choices they can make when looking to purchase stocks. Figuring out levels of risk, expectations of returns, and the overall investment time horizon can all play a big part in crafting the initial plan.

WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (NASDAQ:WHF) has returned 1.146789 after closing at $—  in the recent session.  The stock is looking to return closer to the 52-week high of $15.8.

Taking a look at some key pivot levels we note that the one month Pivot Woodie support stands at 12.89 while 1-month resistance level is at 13.51.  On the other hand shares would see support at the 1-month pivot woodie of 12.89 and resistance at 13.51.  One of the key differences in calculating Woodie’s Pivot Point to other pivot points is that the current session’s open price is used in the PP formula with the previous session’s high and low.

WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (NASDAQ:WHF) ran 1.2908125 after opening at $13.1495.  17346 shares traded hands for the 274084060 market cap company.  WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (NASDAQ:WHF) is a “Buy” according to the social consensus. 

Diving into some additional pivot points we note that the Fibonacci S1 stands at 12.949826 while the R1 resistance number is 13.423507.  The S1 Camarilla pivot is 13.063167 while the R1 resistance is 13.176833.  The Demark Pivot is as follows: R1 resistance is 13.325 while S1 support is 12.705.

WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (NASDAQ:WHF) shares hit a high of 13.9 within the past month while touching a low point of 12.4001 over the past 30 days. 

Turning to simple moving averages, WhiteHorse Finance, Inc., the below chart outlines the current numbers:

10-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.13551 
20-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.233005 
30-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.381336 
50-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.22718 
100-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.342664 
200-Day Simple Moving Average: 13.858643

Consensus Rating: Buy

Turning to Bollinger Bands, the upper 20 band holds at 13.590892 while the lower is currently 12.875118.  The average volume over the past 3 months is 34774.9 compared to the 10-day average of 32915.8.

Other moving averages that have been taken into consideration in order to try to figure out the potential direction of the shares include the Hull Moving Average.  The Hull MA currently reads 13.298327.  The Positive Directional Indicator is at 21.28295.  The volume weighted moving average stands at 13.204756.  Putting all the pieces together the moving average signal for WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (NASDAQ:WHF) is a consensus “Buy” signal.

Investors may be wondering which way stock market momentum will shift in the second half of the year. If the economic landscape shifts and markets start to go south, investors may need to have an action plan in place. Keeping the bigger picture in mind may help investors when markets are struggling. Short-term developments may cause the investor to lose confidence in certain holdings. Keeping the focus on stock analysis and the overall economic picture may help investors see through the trees. Sometimes the calm, cool, and collected approach will help settle the mind during turbulent market conditions. Being able to stay emotionally unattached to a stock or sector may assist the investor with making tricky buying or selling decisions. Being disciplined is an attribute that many successful investors share. Being prepared for many different scenarios can help ease the burden when those tough portfolio decisions have to be made. 

Changing lanes over to oscillators, we see that the Aroon Up oscillator is currently 7.142857 while the Aroon Down shows 57.142857.  These are useful in determining if a reversal might be in the near future.  Given the Ultimate Oscillator number of 54.57548 and Parabolic SAR number of 12.9492, combined with other variables, WhiteHorse Finance, Inc. (NASDAQ:WHF) has been given a consensus oscillator rating of “Neutral”.