Cinema Standards and the Importance of Auditing

Even with the proliferation of streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV, there is still a desire for many people in the UK to take a trip to the cinema. In 2019 there has even been a reduction in prices from some of the big players in the industry, with Vue Cinemas, Odeon, and Cineworld branches nationwide almost halving prices for admission in some cases. Owners of franchise cinemas, or independent cinemas are under pressure to deliver a clean, entertaining environment for people who love cinema, and with a brand audit of your cinema from a professional brand audit company, you can ensure that your cinema is delivering to customers at the level they expect.

If your theatre has been successful for many years, it can be easy to let things slide a little and to take the foot off the gas. You might not even notice that there are little faults, or things that could be tweaked slightly to make the experience an altogether more pleasant one for your customers. With a brand audit you can iron everything out, with accurate reports of the customer experience, taking into account everything from advertising and admission prices, to the entrances, toilets, comfort of the seating, temperature of the screens, and the choice of cinema snack.

A cinema as a business should be treated in the same way as all other businesses. It is vital that as a business owner you consistently evaluate your own performance, look at your employees, your supply chain, the working premises, and the specifics of the processes your employees must follow on a daily basis, as well as the products and services you offer. All of these things can be improved upon, and they must all play into the long-term goals and strategies that you have devised.

In terms of a cinema audit specifically, what should you analyse?

The first is to look at the choice of films that you show. Whether you are an independent cinema or owner of a franchise to a big brand, your demands and obligations will differ, of course, but you can take feedback from customers and see stark evidence of what types of films are successful and what types are from sales figures alone.

Next up, move on to your promotional materials and work out whether you are marketing films, and the cinema itself, correctly. The exterior of the building should always display films and showing times correctly, in a manner that is clean and easy to read from a distance. It should also be well lit for those looking to come in during the night. Movie posters should be displayed correctly, as well as other promotional items, for upcoming and current movies. Trailers and adverts shown prior to a film should always be age appropriate and appropriate to the film being shown.

If you have a combination of staffed ticket stalls and machines it is important that everything is in working order. At highest capacity there should still be an easy flow to proceedings, where customers can pick up tickets and snacks relatively quickly, without missing the start of a film.

On top of all of this it is vital that health and safety is a priority at all times. With a cinema and brand audit from a professional audit company you can ensure your theatre is hitting the right mark at all times.

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