Facebook Messenger Chatbots and Business Growth: Know the Connection

Whether you own a small business or a big corporation, using a chatbot can be worth taking a closer look at to streamline marketing or customer service. With the massive push towards Facebook Messenger, it makes sense for your business to adopt a robot chat on Messenger now.

Keep reading to know about these bots and what value they can bring to your business:

What Exactly is Messenger Bot?

Usually, what comes to mind when hearing about bots are robots that people can talk and interact with. And while a predetermined set of rules govern chatbots, you always the potential to take over without your customer noticing the difference. Chatbots are used more than just for customer service. They can be used across all genres that you use for engaging with your customers. Some chatbots are made to engage with your audience. That is why they can help you achieve the best results from your marketing efforts.

Reasons for Using Chatbots

These days, more and more customers are turning to social media messaging including Facebook Messenger to start a conversation with a business. Bots are excellent tools to help you manage an increasing number of messages you get from customers. Messenger bots provide you with the potential to automate the most used questions and answers your customers may have.

Creating your Messenger Chatbot Strategy

If you have decided to create a Facebook Messenger bot for your company, consider the experience you want to create for your customers, your social media goals, and whether you want to make a utility or purely for entertainment. Also, you must take into account what you want people to do with your bot and what kind of actions they should take. Look at how your customers are currently interacting with your brand outside of Messenger.

Here are ways to create a bot and excel:

  • Track your audience down. Determine if your target audience is on Facebook. This will let you find a chatbot program that will integrate with your chosen platform.
  • Know what bot to make. Determine the role that your chatbot will play. Do you want it to generate leads, give information, facilitate a transaction, entertain, or engage? When creating a bot, think about the area that would benefit your customers the most.
  • Create engaging copy. A successful chatbot employs a carefully made messaging journey and you have to make sure you create engaging and brand-relevant copy and storylines. These contents should capture the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged. Also, make your bot as human as possible. Even if you are making a chat robot, do not create a response that sounds canned or robotic.

  • Enlist outside help. Creating a working chatbot can be difficult. The perfect chatbot experience is driven by marketing prowess, creativity, and powerful back-end technology. And you can consider hiring the services of a chatbot building company with a history of proven successes. It all depends on how functional you want your Messenger chatbot to be.

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