Getting Beer and Wine License in Miami-Dade County: Things to Know

Plan to start a bar or restaurant? Want to serve alcohol at your current restaurant in Miami-Dade County? You need to procure your beer and wine license first. The whole process of getting that license may not be as easy, and even on paper, there are a bunch of steps that must be followed. Many entrepreneurs and business owners don’t have the time for that, and in many cases, they would rather leave the process and paperwork to professionals. There are third-party services that can help in getting a new liquor license as well as liquor license renewal, and below is an overview of the things that need attention.

Knowing the types of licenses

There are different kinds of beer and wine and liquor licenses that you can apply for, depending on what you need. Any mistake in the initial paperwork may lead to rejection of your application, and the whole process must be initiated from scratch. The first type of liquor license is called 1COP, meant to sell beer only for on-premise consumption, while 1APS allows sale of beer only for off-premise consumption. If you want to serve both wine and beer on-premise, you need the 2COP license, while for packaged/off-premise sale of wine and beer only, 2APS is required. The most expensive of all is the 4COP license, which allows to sell all kinds of spirits, wine, and beer on-premise. If you are organizing a one-time event, or need a temporary liquor license, you can get that too, for a small fee.

Getting your Miami-Dade County liquor license

If you have a typical full-serve restaurant and bar in Miami-Dade County, you need to go for the 4COP license. There are other requirements that must be met to get the 4COP license, which includes a large space, typically at least 2,500 square feet. Also, the gross sales of the restaurant will be considered, because 51% of that should come from non-alcoholic drinks and sale of food. Documents will be required for each restaurant that applies for a license, including your personal details and floor plan sketch of the restaurant. You also need to submit other documents, for which a list will be provided. Depending on the type of service and restaurant you have, approval might be required from other agencies too.

Regardless of whether you need liquor license, or beer and wine license, find a service that can help with the paperwork and simplify the process for your team.

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