Sicbo: A Fun Game To Play At Your Next Party

Sicbo is a game that can be played anywhere. It’s simple, fun, and you don’t need any equipment to play it! The rules are easy: all you have to do is pick up six dice and roll them. If the numbers on the dice correspond with each other (1-6), you win! The more numbers that match, the higher your chance of winning.

Some strategies on how to play Sicbo:

  1. To play the game, you’ll need six dice and a pen or pencil to keep score. The first thing you should do is write down how many points each number on the die has (the “face”)
  1. The one side of a standard die usually corresponds with one point;
  1. The other five sides correspond to two points each (six total). Each time there’s a “double,” its corresponding face value goes up by four points: for instance, if someone rolls three ones in Sicbo, they only have six points instead of twelve because all their three faces are ones. They would also be able to roll two twos to get their six points back.
  1. The game ends when someone rolls a double on all six faces of their dice, or when somebody has rolled twenty-eight, and they are the first person to do so (the max number for winning). 

Tip : There are many ways to play Sicbo, but the most common ones are “point” and “cash”. Point is where you keep track of how many points each person has every time they roll. Cash is when there’s a wager involved: players have an agreed-upon amount that they bet with (usually one dollar per point), whoever scores 28 first wins!

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