Using Professionally Clicked Headshots the Right Way

Gone are the days when professionally clicked headshots were only a Hollywood star thing.  In fact, now since we have plenty of opportunities to promote ourselves on personal and professional social media platforms, the importance of professionally licked headshots has increased.

Getting the right headshot for your resume, LinkedIn or social media accounts goes a long way in making the right first impression. You will be surprised to see the number of clicks, job offers, and business opportunities you will get just by uploading good looking portraits of yourself.

However, getting a good click is the key. There are many things which you can do to enhance the beauty of your headshots. If you have never got one before, here are some tips which you can follow…

Getting a good headshot

Only work with a professional photographer

All of us have good friends and good cameras, but that doesn’t mean we can be as good as professionals. Besides, a professional has the right knowledge of angles, access to high grade equipment, and a lot of fancy lightings, which we don’t. So, if you want a flawless headshot, working with a professional is your best bet.

Wear something appropriate

Yes, it is a headshot, but that doesn’t mean no one will notice what you are wearing. So, take your time and dress up well for the shoot. Go for shades like blue, brown, maroon, green, black, grey, and white. Avoid wearing bold prints and big accessories as they might simply distract the attention from your face. Headshots are about you, your smile, your expressions, and your confidence. It is certainly not about your clothes and accessories.

Don’t settle with the first click

The more options you get the better. When you hire a professional, they sometime offer you to change two or more outfits in between the shoot. Take this opportunity and try different styles. You can get some clicks in formal outfit, while some in casuals.

Using your headshots wisely

As soon as you have your hands on your professionally clicked headshots, now is the time to decide how to use them. If you like, you can use a single photo for all the accounts, business and personal, as this gives you a consistency. However, we would recommend that you use different photos for different type of accounts.

For business accounts like LinkedIn, use pictures with formal dressing. While for sites like Instagram and Facebook, use something with casual dressing.

To conclude, it can be said that in the modern world, your photos on social media are your introduction. They tell your story and express your qualities as a person. So, use them wisely and make the most out of it.

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